La Jolla Group Mural

While I worked at the La Jolla Group, they had employee barbecues outside every year. During the event, they would build these little walls for people to draw/paint on. I heard about this and immediately jumped on the opportunity to make my work large scale and prove to myself that I could do it. All freehand with no pencil sketch, I busted out this mini desert scene that I previously prepared. It was so much fun because everyone was watching and the pressure to not mess up was huge. I could have looked like a total amateur, but it actually came out rad! Since then, I have been craving a mural project. If you are interested in decorating your restaurant, shop, or office, contact me.


Older fine art explorations

Recently, I’ve been having the desire to showcase my older explorations of art. My journey has been about evolving and experimenting. Below you can see the paths that I have gone down to find myself artistically. I have used many different mediums and techniques to achieve certain looks that felt right at the time. To see what I have been unto recently, click here.


"Scapula" Font

I have a new hand written font in my shop for only $20. It’s done with an ink brush. It’s perfect for any kind of hand lettering you need for your project, but may not have the time to do. Just use “Scapula”. Works great as a secondary typeface that requires readability. Purchase it here.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 11.29.02 AM.png

Looking for a job/freelance work.

I recently parted ways with my full time job and I am on the hunt! The great thing about not having a job is that you get all day to work on yourself and your skills. I am currently hunting and updating all of my materials. I have a new look to my website with new colors that I am feeling! If you have work for me or think I would be a great fit for something, give me a holler. Email me using the link at the bottom of this page. Today I got my tires changed and I drew this while waiting. Hope you like it.

Screen Shot 2019-05-02 at 12.12.02 PM.png

Sketchbooking in Cardiff

Being as San Diego Native, I am a fan of the 101 in Cardiff and the scenery down there. Here’s a quick sketchbook beating. Nothing extravagant, but quick pen strokes and simplistic palm trees and architecture.

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 8.19.24 AM.png